The singer has released a mini-album "Appreciate what you have"!

In the past six months, the singer Kristina Yesayan @official_esayan_kristina1989 worked on the recording of copyright tracks - songs about relationships, love and family values. As a result, were born 5 tracks, which were collected in a single mini-album. Today, the EP, called "Appreciate what you have," saw the light!

Kristina Yesayan
Kristina Yesayan

“Each of these singles love me in their own way. Through them, I try to convey to the audience simple truths about family values. Unfortunately, recently in general circles I often notice deception by men towards their wives. These actions are so frustrating that I wrote a few songs about adultery and deceit, I wanted people to listen to the words and think! In order for the girls to understand - the one who left someone for you today, tomorrow just the same will leave you for someone. And I want to tell men - you need to appreciate what you have: a wife and children. Wives give themselves to their families, dedicate their lives to it - they have children, they take care of them. And in response - neglect. The husband gives free time and attention to someone else’s woman who hasn’t done anything for him. I hope, having heard the song “Insult”, the men will understand everything. In general, I am for family and for love! But for true love! ”- comments Christina.

Listen and download the mini-album “Appreciate what you have”

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