Maher Zane (ماهر زين) 16 was born on July 1981, in Tripoli, a popular and talented nasheed artist. In this article, we offer the interested reader to get acquainted with the amazing and fascinating work of this artist.

Zayn's Story

The family of Maher Zein emigrated to Sweden from Lebanon when he was eight years old. In Sweden, Maher graduated from school and received a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. After graduation, Maher Zane began writing, producing and performing songs.

In January, 2009, Maher Zane, in collaboration with Awakening Records, began work on his first album. Zayn's debut album “Thank You Allah”, which includes 13 songs and two bonus tracks, was released on November 1 of 2009.

Zayn and Awakening Records successfully used the social network Facebook and video hosting YouTube to promote the album. At the beginning of 2010, Zayn's music attracted the attention of a huge online audience in Arab-speaking and Islamic countries, as well as among young Muslims around the world. Maher Zane won first place in the list of celebrities that Malaysians were looking for on the Internet for 2010 on the Internet. Zayn gained the greatest commercial success in Malaysia and Indonesia. In these countries, the album “Thank You Allah” repeatedly became platinum. In 2010, Zeina's album became Malaysia's best-selling album.

2009 year. Album "Thank You Allah"

The album was published in several options: In addition to special editions, versions for karaoke and a separate percussion variation were published in English, Malay, French and Turkish.

2011 year. Track Freedom

Also in 2011, the world saw the track “I Believe”, recorded together with the performer Irfan Makki.

2012 year. Album "Forgive Me"

2012 year was marked by the release of the studio album "Forgive Me" ("Forgive me"). The album included 17 melodic tracks.

7 November 2014, the year Zayn, with the label Awakening Worldwide, is releasing an album titled Awakening Live at the London Apollo. This is a full-length recording of a live performance by the artist together with the performers Mesut Kurtis, Irfan Makki, Hamza Namira and Raef. The album consists of twenty-six of the most popular at the time of publication tracks of the artist. The 2015 and 2016 years were marked by the collections Singles & Duets and One. Special attention in the last album attracts the track called "Medina". “I wake up with the morning light in Medina, Everywhere I see blue sky,” Zayn sings in this song.

Also in May 2016, Maher Zane visited Dagestan. The Risalat holding devoted an interesting seventeen-minute video to this visit, which includes, in addition to the cuts from the performances of the artist, his reflections on the meaning of life and work.

In 2017, Zayn records the songs "Assubhu Bada", "Kun Rahma" and "Peace Be Upon You". 2018 year marked by the works of "Huwa Alquran" and "Kur'an"

2018 year. Song "Kur'an"

18 May 2018 was the release of a new track by Maher Zein called “Kur'an” (Quran) in Turkish.
In April, 2018, the singer presented the collection “The Best of Maher Zain Live & Acoustic” to fans. In it you can hear the most popular works of the artist, whose main goal is to fill the hearts of listeners with love.

We also offer you to watch the video “Favorite”, posted on the channel ISLAM NASIKHAT

With a large number of videos you can find on the official channel of the artist Maher Zain Official on YouTube with over four hundred thousand subscribers.

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