Vakhtang Konstantinovich Kikabidze

Vakhtang Konstantinovich Kikabidze is a popular actor, singer and musician, originally from Tbilisi, where he was born 19 July 1938 of the year. He graduated from school, Tbilisi University and Tbilisi Institute of Foreign Languages.

Vakhtang Kikabidze entered the world of music in his early childhood - his mother was a professional singer, and the young Vakhtang regularly visited various concerts, performances and rehearsals. But in the early years he was more drawn to the visual arts, so he painted landscapes, portraits and still lifes literally on everything that came to hand. In high school, Vakhtang Kikabidze began to sing on stage. Working in the school vocal-instrumental ensemble, he played drums and sang. He studied poorly, often remained in the second year, which was the result of his fanaticism in the love of music and the only subject - mathematics.

While studying at the university and the institute of foreign languages, he developed his musical abilities almost to the professional level. Turning and significant in the fate of Vakhtang Kikabidze became 1966 year. Then he organized his first professional ensemble "Orera" and made his debut as an actor in the film "Meeting in the mountains." Actor and parallel musical career Vakhtang Kikabidze went up. Already in the 1969 year, he is removed from G. Daneliya in the film “Do not worry!” And receives a prize for the best male role at the International Film Festival in Cartagena, in 1970 year. Vakhtang Kikabidze’s next acting success was the film “Melodies of the Veriysky Quarter” directed by G. Shengelaya in 1973, then the iconic picture of George Danelia “Mimino”, which was awarded the USSR State Prize in 1978 year.

In the following years, the films “I, the Investigator ...”, “The Lost Expedition”, “TASS Authorized to Declare” and the picture of Georgiy Danelia “Completely Lost” became the most significant works of the actor. In a new quality for himself - a film director, Vakhtang Kikabidze successfully declared his all-round talent with the films “Be healthy, dear” and “Men and all the others”. As an actor, the great Georgian master is starring in more than twenty films. From the last works of Vakhtang Kikabidze, taken as early as the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty first centuries, the films “Fortune”, “Love with an accent”, as well as the animated film “Ku! Kin-Dza-Dza ”, the creation of which the actor worked as a voice artist.

Vakhtang Kikabidze’s career as a singer and musician was successful. Orera in the seventies collected full stadiums. As a solo artist, the singer became widely popular due to the performance of songs that became popular hits: “Cheto Gvrito”, “My Years are My Wealth” and others. The singer constantly tours, traveled with concerts many countries and continents.

A great contribution to the development of Georgian and Soviet cinema, in musical art, brought the actor and singer many significant awards. Thus, in 1980, Vakhtang Kikabidze received the title of People’s Artist of Georgia, then the Order of Honor, the Order of Victory named after St. George, and recently the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine. Freeman of Tbilisi (1998).

In Moscow, on Star Square in 1999, his star was laid, and in 2006, the Georgian Star by Vakhtang Kikabidze was laid on the square in front of the Tbilisi Philharmonic. The artist is also a holder of the Orders of the International Order of St. Nicholas and the International Order of Constantine the Great. Vakhtang Kikabidze refused the Russian Order of Friendship due to his personal attitude to the military conflict between Russia and Georgia, which happened in 2008. In recent years, the artist has been writing a book of memoirs and leads a quiet measured life. As well as half a century ago, his songs are beloved by millions of listeners, and his acting work has become a real classic of world cinema.