Arthur Sargsyan presented his new video “Give”

A popular artist released a clip Arthur Sargsyan @artur_sarkisyan_official to his new song “Give”! The singer is known to his listeners for such works as “Mountains”, “I am not an angel”, “Betrayal”, “Forget Me” and other works.

Our audience especially remembered the video clip of Arthur Sargsyan for the song “Betrayal”, which was presented on the artist’s YouTube channel in March 2016 of the year and gained nearly forty million views in August 2019 of the year. Thanks to the talent of the artist, his video clips confidently occupy leading lines in the top lists for viewing clips of Caucasian artists: so in our June review “What clips of Caucasian stars do they watch most often?” Of the ten viewers, the four best works belong to Arthur Sargsyan.

We invite you to get acquainted with the new video clip of Arthur Sargsyan right now. Do not forget to comment on the video and share it with your friends!

Watch the video “Arrive” by Arthur Sargsyan

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