On the YouTube channel of the company “Zvuk-M” today a novelty appeared - the video version of Alan Muzaev’s song “The Sinner”!

Composition, written for Alan singer and songwriter Ruslana Sobieva, already enjoys great success with listeners in Ossetia. The artist himself highlights the fact that the chanson style that they chose for the track harmoniously fits into his repertoire.

“I like the song very much, it’s congenial,” says Alan, “I worked on it with the arranger Artyom Avetisov. He himself chose live instruments, suitable sounds, beats. I think it turned out well. Therefore, the second track, which Ruslana also wrote, we do in the same style. ”

It will be a duet called “Tell Me Yes”, which the artist performed with singer Nana Tibilova. Now the project is in work and, according to Alan, will also be presented soon.

Well, for now we are listening to the track “The Sinner”, which is also available on all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex Music.