Today, the next premiere of the label "Kavkaz Music" took place, the first single of the Alysyn group - "Mudah Oyuula" ("Sad Patterns") was released. The song, tender and suggestive of thoughts and memories, is recorded on verses of Harun Akbaev and the music of Zuriyat Botasheva.

Performance of the Alysyn group Cherkessk
Performance of the Alysyn group, Cherkessk

There are three participants in the Alysin group: Arsen Batrukov - arrangement, guitar; Ramazan Aliyev - bass; Leyla Urusova - vocals. The guys do not relate to a specific genre or direction in music, they chose their own, original style of performance, interweaving notes of blues, indie rock, soul, with a performance in the Karachai language. Together, we got a unique project that opens up new perspectives for music in the national language, but first things first.

We decided to talk a little with the guys and introduce you to the representatives of the new direction of the song in Karachay.

Tell us a little about the story of the creation of the Alysyn group.

Arsen Batrukov
Arsen Batrukov

“We all once lived in Karachaevsk and everyone was fond of music. Sometimes we crossed paths and met in Cherkessk in the studio. They made some songs and decided to record an album, ”says member of the group Arsen Batrukov.

Ramazan Aliyev
Ramazan Aliyev

“We have known Arsen since childhood and studied at the same school, and it was about that time that the first interest in music began to appear, but we met Leila a little later, already in university years, this is about 2007-2008 year. And somehow we spontaneously gathered, recorded several songs, it went, ”Ramazan Aliyev added.

What does the name of your group mean, why did you choose it?

“We did not think about the name of the project for a long time. And they chose the symbolic name "Alysyn", which means grass that grows after mowing. Otava - in Russian, ”explained Arsen.


“The literal translation from the Karachay language is“ young green grass ”. Such an interesting allegory. We decided to rethink the folk art in our favorite style decisions, ”said Leila.

How would you describe the musical direction?

Ramazan Aliyev: “The music that we make, in principle, has no attachment to any particular genre, but, in my opinion, it gravitates more to blues, pop rock.”

Arsen Batrukov: “The direction that we have chosen naturally comes in the process. We do not adhere to a strict attachment to certain styles, although I must say that the blues character of the sound predominates in the songs. ”

“Ohhh, it's a mixture of everything! Blues, elements of soul, jazz - it’s hard to call any particular style! ”, Leila added.

Tell us about your premiere composition - “Mudah Oyuula” (Sad Patterns). What is this song about?

“The song“ Mydahoyuul ”is about life. In short, about everything. Everyone will find themselves in it, ”Arsen explained.

What is the main goal / theme of your work?

Arsen Batrukov: “The message of the project is to“ internationalize ”the songs that we make. So that they can be understood by those who are far from the Caucasian color. We keep the original melody of each song, which does not distort the author’s initial melody. ”

What are your future creative plans?

Arsen Batrukov: “In the future we plan to release a full-fledged album, consisting of popular songs of the past. Perhaps there will be something from Karachay folklore. ”

We thank the Alysyn group for their time. We wish the children creative success and inspiration for new discoveries. We are sure that our listeners will like the “refreshment” of the sound of traditional motifs.

Listen and download the song of the group “Alysyn” “Oduches of Oyul”

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