Today, an incendiary novelty from a popular singer has appeared on digital music venues. Lydia Batchaeva - “Caucasus”! In this composition, the artist sings the beauty of her native land and the spirit of the peoples inhabiting it, calling the Caucasus "the emerald of the entire planet."

“How can I describe my attitude and feelings towards the Caucasus? You know, you climb Elbrus, to a high point and look around - this is your Caucasus. If there is the strongest spirit on this earth, then it is enclosed in the heart of the Caucasus, in its heartbeat. I presented our land for a moment without the Caucasus and realized that everything would lose its meaning. The Caucasus is the heart of the planet, I think so. The heart of every highlander is the heart of the planet, ”says the singer.

Lydia Batchaeva’s penetrating patriotic song “The Caucasus” is available for listening and downloading on our website.

Listen and download Lidia Batchaeva's song "The Caucasus"

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