Muhamed Kazdokhov's song in Kabardian language released

Meet the new product from Kavkaz Music - a composition in Kabardian language “Jagu zahesha” (“Wedding”) performed by Muhamed Kazdohova @m_kazdokhov.

In the song, to the words of Jamal Teunov and the music of Timur Kitov, it is sung about how his future wife (the girl he likes) is brought to the groom to dance with, and how he happily whirls with her in the dance. The track also briefly describes how the bride is taken from her house on her wedding day, and the groom's friends support him in the dance.
“Jagu zaheshe” is a fun wedding song, which I would like people to dance to!

Muhamed Kazdohov
Muhamed Kazdohov

“Wedding traditions have changed a bit over time, but the essence remains the same. They are slightly “modernized,” so to speak. Although it is very encouraging that young people are slowly but surely returning to the origins of the customs of our ancestors. I believe that we should hold on to our traditions and customs because it all tempers the spirit and teaches people the most important thing - respect for each other, ”Mohamed says.

Listen and download Muhamed Kazdokhov’s song “Jagu Zaheşe”

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