New song Fati Tsarikayeva “Hush” is a heartfelt lyrical track with a deep meaning, which immediately fell in love with the fans of the singer’s work. Already in the first week of the rotation, the song hit the charts of the “Thor 9” and “National hit” programs of the “9 Wave” TV channel.

This news is very pleased both Fathi and the author of the song - Ilya Bratchik. From the very beginning, he was sure that no one would perform it better than Tsarikayeva.

“The first time, when Ilya sent it to me, I listened, and just goosebumps ran over my skin. I immediately said that yes, this is my song, ”says the artist,“ The composition is unusual for my repertoire, and the audience has not heard me in this presentation. Despite the fact that such songs are not very popular in the Caucasus, this one immediately found its audience and, I hope, will continue to move even higher in the positions of the charts in the future. ”

Will it be or not - it depends on the audience. Detailed instructions are available on the 9 Wave.

“I want to say a huge thank you to those who vote, who orders. This is a huge support for the artist! We are doing everything to see recognition in the eyes of the listener, and it is very nice when it finds response in their hearts! ”, Says Fathi.

You can watch the video for the song "Hush" on our YouTube channel.