Loyalty to the native land and culture is an important feature of the mentality of all the peoples of the Caucasus. In "Iryston" pince-nez, written by the famous author Tamara Persayeva and performed Ruslana Sobieva @ ruslana.sobieva и Zarina Bugayeva @ zarina.bugaeva, reflected a comprehensive love of performers to their native Ossetian land.

"Ossetia, through hundreds of years
May the sun always shine over you!
May God bless you and your people! ”

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Listen and download the song of Ruslana Sobiyeva and Zarina Bugayeva "Iryston"

Lyrics of Ruslana Sobiyeva and Zarina Bugayeva "Iryston"

1. Zurin Hur Arvil Khazy.
Kænyn æzuh mæ zard.
MI Yrystonyl Zaryn
Hæssa ya smokegard.

Man Yryston dæu Warzyk
Styalytm yes baryn
Mæ dan ying qing.

Yryston æ rusagdær zæhyl næy
Festor now, Iryston
Æнустæм дæр фæрнæй.

The iron has cast for udun ænækæron zynarg.
Æsudzy myn mæ riuy
Iron zaryg tsyrag.

Center Myrn Fyr Iryston
Зуzuh dyl hur kæsæt
Huitsu melons qing'mæ harpæ
MI Iryston Hæssæd.

The golden ray plays in the sky. I always sing about my native land.
About beloved Ossetia.
And the wind blows my song away.
I love you, Ossetia.
You are a star in the sky.
Brighter than other stars.
You are the joy of my soul.

Chorus: There is no prettier Ossetia on earth.
Flourish, my land is still many centuries.

0. The Ossetian song is very dear to me.
In my heart she lights the light.

Live Ossetia for many years
May the sun always shine upon you.
May God bless you and your people.

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