Exactly one week remained before the onset of the most magical holiday, which we celebrate all over the country: the New Year is in a hurry to claim its rights, and the artists of the Sound-M music publishing house are to delight their listeners with novelties dedicated to the upcoming celebration.

Stas Zhandarov presents a track entitled "Happy New Year, Russia!"

This is another joint work of the artist with the author Vasily Nekhotsev, with whom they are not so long ago recorded and released an album.

“I wanted to give people a piece of an upcoming miracle, share a festive mood with them, and I turned to Vasily with a request to write a song that would charge, please and under which I would like to dance. He wrote the track, which, thanks to the words “sing, dance, light!”, Turned out to be positive, dynamic, with such an optimistic mood, but at the same time, there are words with a rather strong internal attitude - “Russia, go ahead!” .

I hope the audience will enjoy this composition, and I, in turn, want to congratulate everyone on the upcoming New Year and wish warmth, kindness and love! ”, Says the performer.

Accept a musical greeting from Stas Zhandarov - listen and download the song “Happy New Year, Russia!” On all major music services, including: iTunes, google play, Apple music, Music Beeline, Yandex Music.