The song “Dzhirlima kaarachayima” was released in Karachai

New single in Karachay introduced today by Taulan Batchaev @batcha_taulan - “Jyrlayma kaarachayyma” (“I sing to my people”).

“This song is permeated with warmth, love and pride for their homeland and their people. This is a very deep and touching topic for me. I will be very happy if this composition serves as an example for the younger generation in order to instill a special responsibility towards their homeland, on which it was destined to be born, ”the performer comments.

Listen and download Taulan Batchaev’s song “Dzhirlima kaarachayima”

Lyrics of Taulan Batchaev's song "Dzhirlima kaarachayima"

Taegerings of taul kemsiz saklaydyla
Chuuuak kyugyungde kyushla miyik uchadila
Kyun tayakala nyur tgededile sanga
Ullu Allah Jarathan Khaarachayya

Kyuwanch Toylarying Kebu Bolsun, Khaarachay
Jyrlaima acık kölden sanga
Khars urada djuregim
Tepse-tepse, milletim
Janym Sendedi, Iinan Manga

Kaira karasam yes
kyozumu alalmai
Zamanna Unutube
Ketib Kalalmai
Tutarykma tuugan jerimi esimde
Har atlagan jolumda, kyunumde

Majestic mountains surround you
In the sky blue
Eagles soar high
The rays of the sun are radiating their light
Created by god
Oh my Karachay!

Let there be a lot of fun and weddings
I sing lovingly from the heart of Karachay,
My heart applauds and trembles.
Dance, have fun my beloved people,
My soul, also sings with you!

Wherever you look
beauty is everywhere
Forgetting it all is impossible.
Homeland will be everywhere and always,
In my heart, day and night.

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