Today, with the support of the label "Kavkaz Music", the premiere of the next album of the popular singer took place Lydia Batchaeva - “Bir Milletbiz Emürge.”

9 tracks in Karachai and Russian are included in the track list of the album “Bir Milletbiz Izyurge”.

“Through the songs collected here, I want to convey to my listeners that Karachay and Balkaria are one people, brothers, and we are inseparable. Between them is Mount Elbrus, but our love for each other is unlimited!
The tracks presented in the album are designed to convey this feeling. In relation not only to people and their people, but also to the whole world around them - to nature, to language, to their homeland! ”- says the singer.

You can get acquainted with the new product and download it on our website.

Listen and download Lydia Batchaeva's album, “Bir Milletbiz Izemurge”

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