Aidamir Eldarov sang in the new track about the networks of love

Aidamir Eldarov @aidamir_eldarov presented today another novelty - a song called "Networks"!

Listen and download Aidamir Eldarov's song “Networks”

“We choose our fate at random ...”, - is sung in a composition narrating about networks of love, in which mutual feelings are lured. When love leads, and the soul sings, such songs are born.

Aidamir Eldarov
Aidamir Eldarov

“This is a groovy track, dancing and, of course, reflecting reality,” says the singer, “Caucasian men are harsh and secretive in expressing their romantic feelings. But girls can always do so to win their attention and keep interest. To do this, they weave ingenious nets, which are difficult not to get caught. It is about these women's tricks that I sing.
Posted composition talented author Aslan AbdokovWith which we have released more than one track. I really hope that the new song, like the previous ones, will be warmly received by my listeners! ”

The single "Networks" can be heard and downloaded on our website, as well as on any of the largest music venues.

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