The warm wish of happiness and good luck on the path of life is what the new composition of Zaur Atlaskirov embodies and Alena Chabdarova. A duet called "Parting words", released today, is filled with wise tips that are worth considering ...

“This is a song for all holidays! - says Zaur Atlaskirov, - music Andzor Haup, words of Leyla Attaeva. The composition is perfect as a wish to young newlyweds, and indeed as an appeal to anyone who wishes you well. I want to address it to all our listeners and wish that everything that is sung in it comes true! ”

Listen and download the song Zaur Atlaskiroav and Alena Chabdarova "Parting words"

Lyrics of Zaur Atlaskiroav and Alena Chabdarova's song "Parting words"

I wish you as a friend
Only bright and smooth roads.
On the road’s obstacles regardless
Return to the hometown threshold.

Wherever you believe, good luck
Will become a companion in your life.
And only with joy, and not otherwise
Meet friends in your house

Do not envy high words
Not the beauty of a young face
After all, sometimes it’s not visible,
What hearts hide behind the door.

Do not envy money and career,
And envy the riches of the soul.
And knock only on open doors
And do not seek resentment against fate.


Oira margin, do not be discouraged, go easy in life
Oh kuwanch that, do not be silent, much is waiting ahead
Oira margin, open your heart, be grateful in everything
Oh cuuanch that, rejoice sing, with a holiday in your house

Horida, Orida, Ouch

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