The idea of ​​a duet song was born to the singer Ilona Kesaeva and dancer Dina Bekoeva for a long time. They decided to perform a composition similar in spirit to all Caucasian girls, eloquently speaking about the temper and manner of thinking, for two reasons.

First, Honored Artist of North and South Ossetia Dina Bekoeva literally conquered a new peak recently - she danced on the Maiden's Mountain in Alania the Ossetian dance “Khong”. Her past ascent to Elbrus was also crowned with a dance performance.

Secondly, the author Margarita Biragova wrote a song for Ilona, ​​which perfectly suited to the execution of a long-standing idea.

“The song is called“ Orlitsa, ”says Ilona,“ it's about all the Caucasian girls who conquer the peaks! “The eagle is bold, the white eagle, you are a proud, fearless, free daughter of the Caucasus!” - I offered to fulfill these wonderful lines together with my colleague and friend Dina, with whom we had “sung” for a long time and were friends for about 5 years. I want to make this track a really good, original anthem of the girls of the Caucasus. Therefore, we are trying very hard to work on this project. The vocal is already recorded, the composition is at the stage of mixing. I hope it will be ready soon, and we will be able to present it together with the company “Zvuk-M”! ”

If the duet's success reaches the musical peaks that the girls are going to conquer, then they promise to make a video for a new song so that the “Eagle One” soars up on the first lines of the video charts!