Meet the bright summer video novelty - the clip of the band “Sultan Hurricane” “Bandito”!

Hot looks, hot dances, love and danger - all this unfolds in a romantic story in which the audience is immersed in a clip.

The video was directed by Danila Volkov. Together with Sultan Hajiroko @sultan_uragan they prescribed a scenario, the events of which take us to the Spanish courtyard, where the townspeople gathered to have a fun evening together.

Little Spain had to be created in Moscow. In the very center of the capital, in the loft style studio, decorations were set up, creating the mood of a cozy courtyard. Two July days were spent on preparing the script, searching for actors, costumes and staging choreography, and the third completely went to the shooting. And all would be fine, but the rain somewhat violated the plans of the film crew ...

Timur Khatsaev
Timur Khatsaev

“There should have been a lot of sun in the video, so I had to take moments,” says producer of the group Timur Khatsaev, “although the tent perfectly saved us from the rain. In some places we were all wet, but it was a lot of fun! ”

Watch the new clip of the band “Sultan Hurricane” - “Bandito” right now and do not forget to leave comments!

Watch the video clip of the band “Sultan Hurricane” - “Bandito”

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