Margarita Biragova not only the author of popular songs performed by many successful artists of the Caucasian and Russian pop, but also a successful singer, whose compositions are filled with female wisdom and domestic energy.

At the moment, the artist devotes a lot of time to working on her own repertoire, which, according to her, differs significantly from the songs of her authorship, which we used to hear: “I love songs with character, such as my“ To be strong ”,“ Where to find you . One of my new songs will be called “No Panic, Mom.”

Its meaning is late insight, the basis of which was disappointment in people full of falsehood and hypocrisy, as well as the need for global change! ”Said Margarita.

Of course, the texts written for themselves are fundamentally different from the projects made to order. Therefore, soon we will have a great opportunity to learn the real Margarita Biragova - to plunge into the world of her own thoughts and life rules, disappointments and victories, and the joys of life experience.

It remains only to wait until the light hits the future hit - "No Panic, Mom." The track will be available for download in April.