In early summer, the singer Angelika Akhmedova @angelikaahmedova introduced the song "Joye too nist" ("Love and deception") in Persianin which she sings about longing for her beloved and deep feelings overwhelming the female heart. And today the premiere of the clip for this song took place!

The director of the video, shot in Krasnodar, became Artur Khasanov ("Petrucho studio"). He also owns the plot idea, according to which Angelica and an actor named Alex play two lovers who are trying to figure out the difficult situation of the relationship.

Artur Khasanov
Artur Khasanov

“We wanted to show what really happens in the female soul during this period. That even though a woman looks domineering and confident from the outside, in her soul there are real emotions, often bordering on despair, ”the director explained.

You can watch the new clip of Angelica Akhmedova “Joye too nist” right now! Do not forget to share your impressions in the comments.

Watch the video of Angelica Akhmedova “Joye too nist”