South Korean pop group FTISLAND has released the Pathfinders music video.

22 October 2018 of the year on the official channel of the South Korean rock band FTISLAND released a dynamic dance video for the song “Pathfinders” - “Pathfinders”. The leading vocal part in the new work of the group was performed by Х ・ ホ ン ギ - Lee Hong Ki - no less well-known than the group itself, the South Korean singer, composer and actor.

FTISLAND (에프티 아일랜드) is a South Korean music brand, founded by FNC Entertainment. The group consists of five participants. The name FTISLAND (styling from FT Island) is an abbreviation of the phrase Five Treasure Island (“Five Treasures Island”). Cheerful Sensibility debut album was the sixth best-selling album in South Korea for 2007, and the single Lovesick headed Korean pop charts for six weeks in a row. FTISLAND also became the first foreign male group to lead the Japanese Oricon Daily Chart (according to