American musician, DJ, singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and performer working in various genres - from electronics to pop music, rock and punk - Moby, released a video for the track “This Wild Darkness” (included in the album “Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt ”, which was released on 2 on March 2018).

“The world is a strange place, full of confusion and darkness,” Moby described his new video on the official website “In This Wild Darkness, in essence, an existential dialogue takes place between me and the gospel choir — I speak about my confusion, and the choir responds with melancholy and hope,” the musician says.

The video for the track “This Wild Darkness” is really full of existentialism, strange landscapes and cosmic landscapes, which take the viewer into thinking about what exists. “A wonderful life is all that is enough for you, and even enough to understand me,” the singer thoughtfully notes in his song.

Well, if you don't know English, it doesn't matter, you can just watch the video. Gospel-choir is especially expressive against the background of surrealistic landscapes and a flying saucer of the protagonist, who ultimately leaves the “strange place” away from sin.

Watch the video "This Wild Darkness"

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The first single from the album “Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt” entitled “Like a Motherless Child” - in the album he is third on the list - was released on December 11 2017 of the year. He entered the Billboard Adult Alternative Songs rating (“Adult Alternative Songs” also known as “Triple A” - a chart published by Billboard (the Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media Group magazine) and containing the most popular songs on alternative radio stations for adults The diagram of the 40 positions is compiled on the basis of weekly rotations of the radio spots of each song).

The second single “Mere Anarchy” (“Simple Anarchy”) was released by the performer of 29 on January 2018 of the year (in the album put on the first place), and the track “This Wild Darkness” (“This wild darkness”) is the eleventh in the list, - appeared 26 February 2018 year.