We represent the work of the South Korean group Golden Child

Interest in the work of groups from South Korea is constantly growing, which is especially encouraging when the findings for research are truly talented and creative. As an example, we suggest watching a video of the beginning South Korean group Golden Child (골든 골든) called It's U (라고). In the three-minute video, the creators managed to fit the content of the whole movie with magic, bright air colors, disappointments and joys.

The video was presented on the YouTube channel “1theK” of the official aggregator of South Korean music in the genre of K-Pop - the company “LOEN Entertainment”. The channel is developing very rapidly, attracting more than one million subscribers per year. Today, their number has reached thirteen million (from 2011 year) and continues to grow. Official community "1theK" on Facebook with more than 2,8, millions of subscribers also support this process.

The success of the genre K-Pop in the world

The expert community connects this success with a growing interest in South Korean music on the one hand and with competent marketing policies of labels promoting profile music brands on the other. In addition, the genre itself K-Pop as if specially created to capture the markets. According to research by the American music magazine Rolling Stone, K-pop is a “mixture of trendy Western music and high-energy Japanese pop” and “hunts down the heads of listeners with the help of repetitive, carefully calculated“ clinging ”, often in English.” K-pop "follows the line of mixing styles, combines singing and rap, and emphasizes action, rhythm and powerful visual effects." Although in Korea itself, this term can be understood as almost any direction of Korean pop music, outside of the country, key pop means exclusively music played by so-called idols (similar in concept to Japanese idols) in a mixture of the above genres.

Golden Child "Genie" video clip

October 24 Golden Child's 2018 released their next work, entitled “Genie”. The way of presenting the video, the organization of light, color, rhythm and audio stream fully confirm the conclusions made by experts regarding the K-Pop genre.