Markus Schulz (Markus Schulz) is a German DJ and producer of electronic music in the trance genre (progressive trance), also leading the well-known radio show Global DJ Broadcast on Digitally Imported Radio.

Schulz's compositions are not only filled with trance, like “Mota-Mota” from the album “The Nine Skies”, but also represent good dance music with excellent vocals (“I Hear You Calling” - the album “Watch The World”, the single “My Shoulders (2018, and others). On the account of the artist dozens of separately released singles, compilations, remixes and albums, including in several editions. The singer attracts collaborators to work on his projects, such as Sebu Simonian, Dakota, Koen Groeneveld, Ana Criado and many others.

October 5 2018 of the year Markus Schulz presented an atmospheric video for the song “We Are The Light”, shot in conjunction with American singer Nikki Flores. Video announces the same and the seventh studio album of the singer.

The video “Destiny” is also of interest to the viewer, primarily from the point of view of plot construction by director Daniel Kaufman and the division of screen space by him, which made it possible to turn the project into a practically full-fledged film.

According to Marcus himself, the track “Destiny”, recorded together with vocalist Delacey in 2015, is one of the most important tracks in his career. There is no doubt that Markus Schulz is a talented performer, composer and DJ, the author of interesting and promising projects that have already delivered and will bring him a lot of joy to his fans in the future. We offer you to listen to the best tracks of Marcus Schulz in the Yandex.Music playlist.



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