÷ (“divide”) is the third studio album by British author singer Ed Shiran, released 3 in March 2017 of the year under the auspices of Asylum and Atlantic. 6 January 2017 released the first two singles from the CD (“Shape of You” and “Castle on the Hill”), the first of which topped the US (Billboard Hot 100) and UK (UK Singles Charts) charts.

The track's “locomotive” was the track “Shape of You”, which was presented on YouTube by the artist’s channel on YouTube with the video clip “Ed Sheeran - Shape of You [Official Video]” also in January 2017 of the year. The melody is very recognizable, let's evaluate the video sequence, after which we turn to the novelty of the season - the video clip for the track “Happier”.

Ранее we wrote that in the framework of the 60 Grammy Awards in the nominations for Best Pop Performance and Best Pop Album, awards were awarded to Ed Sheeran with the album Divide and the track Shape of You.

In the first week of sales in the UK, over six hundred thousand copies of the album were sold, which is the third result in the history of British pop music after Adele's 25 (800,307 copies in the first week) and Oasis' Be Here Now (696,000 copies in the first week of sales). The album also debuted at position No. 1 in the USA on the Billboard 200 charts with the 451,000 edition of sold records (including digital copies). As a result, the album ÷ became the main bestseller in the UK with a circulation of more than two million copies at the end of 2017.

The video clip above did not disappoint either: for today, Youtube users watched it almost three and a half billion times, leaving more than seven hundred thousand comments (mostly positive). According to the sub-cult.ru portal, the marketing decision to shoot a video for a song from an album released more than a year ago is to fuel interest in the latter. Expectations of success are based on actual figures: Ed Sheeran’s YouTube channel is visited by over thirty million subscribers, who have provided more than thirteen billion views over the entire period of its operation (since 2006).

Now, another video clip called “Happier” has appeared in the channel's collection; let's look at it in order to understand that this can be removed in the 2018 year to get 24 million views in five days.

Traditionally, the album ÷ (“divide”) is attached to the article as a bonus. Listen and download to your phone.